Sydney – a journey for Palestine

I’ve been back in Australia for a few weeks now and taken a break from new posts – but it’s time to get back to it! Over the last few days we’ve been seeing the results of more air-strikes on Aleppo. Even the UN can’t stop this stupid conflict. Conflicts between humans will continue  but we can reduce the damage.

Other campaigns for peace and justice continue. On Sunday morning I joined John Salisbury a Melbourne Peace activist and other supporters to see John off on his walk from the Sydney Opera House to Parliament House in Canberra to promote the recognition of the state of Palestine.


I was born in Jerusalem Palestine almost 73 years ago – so I do have an interest in the matter!






More about the Recognise Palestine Walk at .


john-salisbury-opera-houseThe Shetland to Scilly journey is completed but another journey starts.










I walked with John and some other supporters through downtown Sydney for a short while.

As I write John should be walking through Southern NSW getting closer to Canberra


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