Back in Australia – (and we need to change our refugee policy)

We’re now back in Sydney, Australia after 10 months on the road.

On the way we had a brief interlude in Chiang Mai, Thailand


Resized Bangkok

Chiang Mai




Great spot




I went out one afternoon with the Chiang Mai Hash House Harriers

Resized Hash







Chiang Mai Hash forest



I think it was easier riding through the UK on the bike…




Chiang Mai Hash on-in

nearly finished – the ‘0n-In’




somehow managed to finish this journey too although there were quite a few people in front of me…



and I did work up a sweat…

CM Hash perspiration

(could now turn my attention to replacing those lost fluids…)

But now we’re back home and it’s time to think seriously about where we go next with New Technologies for Peace.

Contrary to the message put out by our government, many Australians are  not at all happy about the way we treat our refugees.


Protest about Australian government refugee policy at Sydney Town Hall


Protest march through Sydney about refugee policy

There are regular protests over the policy of locking them up on Christmas and Manus Islands.

There should be a much more just and humane policy on the treatment of refugees, which would also be much cheaper.

















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