Filled in the gap

On Tuesday afternoon 26th July I rode into Taunton, in Somerset – filling in a fifty kilometre gap that I’d jumped earlier this month. Apart from several kilometres in Penzance (between the outskirts and the docks) this meant that  I’d covered  every metre of the route from John O’Groats to Penzance by human power. Having also cycled through part of the Shetlands and Orkneys and taken several ferry trips – including the final ferry to the Scillies – this also meant that I had completed the Shetland to Scilly Journey. By chance I’d started the Journey in north Unst in the Shetlands on 26th May – exactly two calendar months before.

That’s the physical part of the Journey out of the way. It was quite strenuous for me, but absolutely nothing in comparison the amazing feats of endurance we witness in the news every day. I’ve had plenty of fresh air, seen much lovely countryside and I’m now enjoying feeling quite fit!.

The important challenge remains – putting new technologies for peace on the agenda of the military, of politicians and of the community around the world.

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