Reached the Scillies..but the Journey’s not yet over!

I cycled into Penzance on Monday evening 11th July. On Wednesday the 13th, the team – Libby Greig and I – took the ferry from Penzance to the Scilly Islands. A beautiful place and a lovely day.

The team arrives at St Mary’s, Scilly Islands

I took a brief ceremonial dip in the clean but (compared to our home beach in Australia) icy cold water (no photo of this  – I didn’t stay in long enough).

Officially the symbolically fossil free trip finished there. In fact, the project is not yet over. I have one gap to make up – from Shepton Mallett to Taunton – which I plan to cycle by the end of July if possible. Technically, there’s another 3 kilometer gap from the edge of Penzance (where my cycle trip finished in sight of the sea) to the Penzance ferry car park, which so far I’ve only travelled in a car. That may have to wait. Otherwise, I’ve journeyed from the north of the Shetlands to Lerwick and through a small part of the Orkneys by bike. From John o’ Groats I’ve covered every centimetre of the way to Penzance (apart from the gaps mentioned) without using fossil fuel.

But there’s plenty still to do. I want to focus now on the main point of the Journey – getting people to consider using new technologies in international security so that we can protect ourselves from aggression and injustice, but without the death and injury of current warfare.

More comments and more photos coming to this blog too.

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