To Edinburgh

Saturday 11th June

(By the way, tomorrow 12th June, the Faslane Peace Camp will have its 34th Birthday)

After being on the move almost every day for a couple of weeks or so, I’m able to stop in one place for several days where I can use a laptop with good steady wifi. (We’ve leap-frogged south in the support vehicle to have some time out with family near Durham. In a few days I’ll plan to head back to Edinburgh to cycle the next leg southwards.)

Took only a few hours to cycle from Glasgow to Edinburgh.

In Edinburgh I was met by Alison Johnstone, Greens Member of the Scottish Parliament, at Scottish Parliament House.

Scottish parliament

Scottish Parliament House, Edinburgh

The Scottish Greens have been very active in peace issues and (like the majority of Scottish MPs) strongly opposed to the nuclear submarine base at Faslane.

Alison was very interested in the concept of new non-lethal technologies for peace and told me that she wanted to discuss the ideas further with her colleagues.

Alison Johnstone

With Alison Johnstone, Greens member of the Scottish Parliament

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