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Chiang Mai  26 April 2016

Today we launched the brand new Shetland to Scilly – New Technologies for Peace Journey website and this is the first blog post! I’m in Chiang Mai Northern Thailand preparing for the journey. It’s a good place to be – with friendly people, easy living and great food.

In Chiang Mai, right now it’s about 5 pm and 39 degrees Celsius – which is a bit warmer than we’re expecting in the Shetlands just a month from now. I note that as I write that it’s 11 am in Lerwick, Shetlands and 4 degrees Celsius (!!) …There’s going to be some adjusting to do. But the Shetlands are said to be a beautiful place. I know already that the natives are friendly from our helpful correspondence with Lerwick Council.

There’s plenty to do – making contact with stakeholders along the route and working out the logistics.

We’re still trying to find ourselves a back-up vehicle – a second hand campervan. Ideally it would be a plug-in/hybrid electric, but they don’t seem to do hybrid campervans yet, so we’ll happily settle for standard campervan with as modest a rental as possible. (All suggestions welcome!)

Am I training for the journey? The walking and the cycling and the kayaking? Guess I’ll get fit on the journey , but I have been running with the Chiang Mai Hash House Harriers.

Chiang Mai Hash House Harriers

Chiang Mai Hash House Harriers

Had my final run on Thursday. It’s great fun – following the trails through the bush on the outskirts of Chiang Mai. It’s incredibly hot and quite demanding but when you finish, you rehydrate with litres of water followed by some excellent cold Thai Singha and Leo ales, sitting in a circle as the temperature  drops to a balmy 30 degrees and the moon rises, dark red from the smoky atmosphere. Some great conversations too.

The other team members are working away too – Libby Greig is doing some excellent communication management. We’re very lucky to have the assistance of Mark Kearns, IT expert based in Chiang Mai, whose been setting up this website.

On Thursday 28th April. Libby and I fly from Bangkok to Berlin. We’ll be getting much closer to our starting point!



8 thoughts on “The Site is Launched

  1. This is the first comment – testing the system. I’ll just take the opportunity to wish us all good luck and a safe journey!

  2. All the best of luck on this wonderful and worthy journey. I will definitely be following you.

    Warm greetings from Chiang Mai, where temperatures are still the same as when you left,

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