Thank you

A thank you to those have helped or are helping.

(It doesn’t mean that everyone we mention agrees with the aims of the Journey but thank you anyway for your help.)

If we have forgotten to include you – our apologies. It wasn’t deliberate (please remind us by email).


Mark Kearns                                    web design

Jasper Greig                                   production of video

Bruce Thompson                            camera and editing of video

Trish and Phil Bradley                    accommodation at Oakwood Guest House

David Greig                                      loan of folding bicycle

Joanna and Simon Steele-Perkins  campsite (in their garden) and hospitality in Cornwall and loan of bicycle

Thomas and Dale Greig                  lodging and support

John and Marcia Murray                lodging and support

Rachel Murray                                 tent and other equipment

Vincent and Julie McCann               support and generous use of cottage

Charlotte Greig                                communications advice

Adam and Lewis                             Triarom computers, Windermere – IT assistance

Vicki Clark – Europcar                       Back-up vehicle support

Peter and Eileen                               Donation

Julia and Peter Hume                      looking after us in Orkney

Karen Bennett                                 John Kemp, Kirkwall – T Shirt/Jacket printing

Malcolm Bell                                     support in the Shetlands

Arabelle Bentley                              Help with contacts in the Shetlands

Jill Blackadder                                  support in the Shetlands and arranging peace meeting

Noelle Henderson and Tommy Allen     looking after us in the Shetlands

Mark Ballard and family                    looking after us in Edinburgh

Alison Johnstone MP                        meeting at Scottish Parliament and support

Sebastian Bees                                looking after us in Durham area and loan of bike

Heather and Nigel Speight               arranging Abolish War meeting and hospitality

Diana and Gordon Dickson              lodging and hospitality in North Yorkshire

Juliet and Richard Burnford              lodging and hospitality and loan of lightweight road bike

Mutt Burnford                                     loan of support vehicle

Celia Haddon                                      lodging and hospitality in Oxfordshire

Adam and Kevin                               repair of electrics on support vehicle

Paul and Ann Hansford                     lodging and hospitality in Exeter and loan of sat nav

Christopher Beeton                           lodging and hospitality at Milford-on-Sea

Wendy Cramer and John                  lodging and hospitality in London